Every second german start-ups use ChatGPT

Rapid Adoption of AI applications in German Start-ups

Artificial intelligence is being used by more and more companies. Applications like ChatGPT are now used by every second startup. Berlin – 53 percent of German start-ups use AI applications to generate text. This is shown by a current survey by the digital association Bitkom among 203 tech start-ups. A further eleven percent do not yet use such tools but plan to do so. 21 percent can imagine it in the future. Only nine percent do not want to use generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the future either. Six percent cannot or do not want to provide any information on this. That writes the agency press text.

ChatGPT writes email replies

“Start-ups are pioneers in the use of new technologies. Such a rapid and widespread use of generative AI by founders should be a signal to the entire economy: All companies – including small craft businesses and the self-employed – should check where artificial intelligence can be used sensibly,” comments Niklas Veltkamp from the Bitkom management the poll results.

“We should also make every effort not only to use AI but also to develop it. Start-ups are important innovators and first movers.”

Niklas Veltkamp

In the survey, 86 percent of the founders said they were good at explaining what ChatGPT is. 13 percent know approximately what it is about. The start-ups use the tools, for example, to set up e-mail responses to specific customer inquiries, to summarize long articles, or for brainstorming in team meetings.


In conclusion, a recent survey conducted by the digital association Bitkom among 203 tech start-ups in German revealed that AI applications, particularly generative artificial intelligence (AI), are increasingly being adopted by companies. The survey indicated that 53 percent of the start-ups are already utilizing AI tools to generate text, while another 11 percent have plans to incorporate such tools in the future.Additionally, 21 percent of the start-ups expressed their openness to considering AI in the future, while only 9 percent stated their unwillingness to use generative AI.

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