Unthought-of ChatGPT Uses

Five Unexplored ChatGPT Uses: Beyond Text Generation

Artificial Intelligence, and in this case ChatGPT, is a technology that has come into our lives to completely change it, and this platform has opened up a whole new horizon of possibilities in almost all areas that we can think of. There are many ChatGPT uses and applications, and best of all, with the passage of time and the development of this technology, new ways are discovered every day in which to take advantage of the intelligence of this chatbot. To improve and facilitate our work or entertainment.

In case you didn’t know, ChatGPT is constantly learning from the commands that are given to it, so each new message on the platform serves to form and improve the responses of this machine.

And while ChatGPT is mainly used for text generation or list building, this is just the tip of the iceberg and that’s why today we’re going to tell you up to five uses of this AI that you may never have thought could be done before.

1. Summary of texts

Just like you can grab and tell ChatGPT to generate a text that explains anything, you can also do just the opposite. By this, we mean that you can take a text that is very long and difficult to understand and ask this chatbot to give you a clear and concise summary of the length that you prefer.

2. Recipes

It is true that there is already an app for this, but if you do not have it downloaded you can directly ask ChatGPT to show you a recipe with the ingredients you have. You can also indicate what materials you have or how long you want to cook so that I recommend a recipe that meets your needs at that time.

3. Tourist Guide

In the event that you go on a trip, you can also take advantage of the qualities of ChatGPT so that it makes you a fully personalized and adapted travel guide to all the needs and requirements that you want. You can ask him to adapt it based on the transport you have, the number of people, the budget, or any aspect that occurs to you.

4. Password generator

In a world where cybersecurity is increasingly important, and where AI is capable of guessing your passwords in just a few seconds, you can also take advantage of its quality so that secure keys comply with all the aspects recommended by experts.

5. Creative Name Generator

Although it is true that if there is something in which AI can never supplant people, it is in creativity, that does not mean that this technology cannot help in this creative process. many times we get blocked with an idea and we are not able to see further, for example, when thinking of a name for your company, project, or the title of your latest blog.

You just have to ask ChatGPT for help, give it the keys to what you were thinking, and in a matter of seconds you will have numerous options.

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