critical pedagogy

Critical Pedagogy complete thesis in 10 minutes

Critical Pedagogy was introduced by Paulo Freire. It is a philosophy that combines critical theory with education and emphasizes students being more critical in their approach to learning.

Paulo Freire grew up in Brazil where he saw crippling poverty and social class discrimination on all levels. Therefore, he believed that through education and Critical Pedagogy, this gap can be bridged, and less privileged students can also be part of society. This can only be done through awareness of this discrimination, which would come through critical pedagogy.


His Educational Philosophy heavily criticizes the banking system of education which:

Teacher = Active + Knowledgeable

Student = Passive + Empty

This means that teachers are knowledgeable, no doubt, but they are just giving away information and students are passively listening to it. They aren’t grasping the concepts or questioning. This method of education is very ineffective. Instead, he recommends a system that promotes a critical approach of students toward the teachers and concepts known as the democratic system of education.

The democratic system of education as an alternative

The democratic system of education, unlike the banking system of education, is not teacher-centered. In his book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed,” he believed that effective education lies in a democratic relationship between student and teacher.

Critical awareness

He believes that Critical Pedagogy would lead to critical awareness among students of oppressed classes. This awareness would be about the discrimination done on the basis of race, class, or gender, and this would further lead to solving these problems. To solve a problem, you must first identify and be aware of it. Therefore, a critical thinking approach towards education provides a framework to be critical while you think, and take action against all sorts of problems, contradictions, and discrimination. Finally, it leads to the development of these vices.

what does Critical Pedagogy provide?

1. Introduction

Critical Pedagogy suggests an equal and collaborative effort for education between students and teachers where both have equal status and mutual respect.

2. Problem-solving method

According to this model, teachers present critical problems from their knowledgeable sources, students critically assess them, and the teacher and student work together to find a solution. This leads to the development of both the teacher’s and students’ perspectives and provides a successful anecdote to the problem.

3. Critical literacy

Critical literacy is the solution to the gaps and disparities between social and cultural groups. This helps to bridge the gap between cultural and political boundaries because critical education, in general, welcomes information from diverse and international sources. This gives a new perspective to the learner and allows them to think more broadly.

4. Individuality

By using critical pedagogy, it is possible to present ideas in a way that involves everyone, where each individual can speak, infer, and reach a conclusion on their own without being dictated.

5. Focus on practical knowledge

Another important aspect of Critical Pedagogy is that it tries to find applications behind all things that are being taught. If the thing has no real-world use and is not practical, then it’s of no use. All of these points are timeless and coherent. They have been demanded and implemented time and again and will continue to thrive until there is a need for education.


In conclusion, the book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” has been a compilation of how an ideal but still practical education system should be. These are ideas that are very logical, and any logical person would present them. But this book presents these ideas with real-world examples and use cases.

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