WhatsApp will recommend stickers and chats with artificial intelligence

WhatsApp Latest: Sticker Suggestions and Chat Search Filters

The Meta application will be based on the emojis used in the conversation. WhatsApp is preparing two tools, one focused on chat search and the other on smart sticker suggestions.

From WABetaInfo they detected these changes, which are being tested in the beta version of the application, before being officially launched to all users. At the moment it is not known when they will officially arrive.

They are tools that will help improve the quality of use of the messaging application. This is given the growth of stickers as a form of communication and the variety of chats a user has.

Sticker suggestions

This type of content has been in the app for a few years now. This means many users have collected a lot of stickers, and finding the right one during a conversation can take a few minutes.

To help in that search process, the app will create suggestions associated with the emojis on the keyboard.

An example of how this option will work is that when you put an emoji with a smiley face in the text box, suggestions for stickers with a similar expression appear at the top.

whatsapp sticker suggestion

Chat searches

The growth of the messaging application has led users to have a wide variety of open chats. These chats are with people, study groups, work groups, and conversations with companies.

To help users find those chats, a search filter will be included and focus queries. When you open the search engine, four filters will appear at the bottom: all, unread, personal, and business.

In the shared image, there is no tab to choose group chats. This may be one of the details the application is working on before launching the function globally.

whatsapp chat searches


In conclusion, WhatsApp upcoming features, as reported by WABetaInfo, aim to enhance the user experience and improve communication efficiency within the messaging application. The inclusion of sticker suggestions based on emojis will help users find the right sticker during a conversation, saving time and effort. This feature will be particularly beneficial for users who have accumulated a large collection of stickers over the years.

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