IBM announced new generative AI offerings including Granite language models and updates to Watsonx platforms

Details on Granite AI Models

The new Granite models can summarize, analyze, and generate text. IBM promises transparency on model training data.

Updates to Watsonx Platforms

New Watsonx features include AI fine-tuning, synthetic data generation, and a chatbot-like tool for data discovery.

IBM competes in the AI market

IBM faces pressure to gain market share in the crowded AI space. Their CEO emphasizes the importance of AI to growth.

Recent Revenue Decline for IBM

IBM missed revenue estimates last quarter. The CEO referenced the urgency around their AI business offerings.

IBM's Focus on Enterprise AI Solutions

IBM is tailoring solutions like Watsonx for enterprise AI needs and hybrid cloud. Early customer adoption looks promising.

IBM Continues Enhancing AI Offerings

IBM appears committed to robust enterprise AI as they roll out new capabilities and platform upgrades.