OpenAI ChatGPT will be paid

OpenAI ChatGPT will be paid

ChatGPT, the large language model developed by OpenAI, will be available as a paid service. The advanced capabilities of the model will be available for a fee for businesses and organizations.

OpenAI this week signaled it’ll soon begin charging for ChatGPT.In an announcement on the company’s official Discord server, OpenAI said that it’s “starting to think about how to monetize ChatGPT” as one of the ways to “ensure long-term viability.”The monetized version of ChatGPT will be called ChatGPT Professional.

According to a recent tweet from openai founder :

“Working on a professional version of ChatGPT, will offer higher limits and faster performance.”

Greg Brockman

OpenAI ChatGPT wants to be monetized and earn money through it. Paying for the service gives you the opportunity to customize the model to fit your specific needs. This allows businesses to fine-tune the model based on their specific requirements and needs, resulting in even more accurate and relevant results. A financial services company could train the model to generate financial reports and analysis, while a media company could use it to generate news articles.

Technical support and maintenance are also included in the paid service, which ensures that the model is always up-to-date and running smoothly. For businesses that rely on the model for critical operations, this ensures that the model can continue to be used uninterruptedly.

ChatGPT Pro Features

ChatGPT paid version has some extra features they mention.ChatGPT-pro offers text generation in multiple languages as one of its most notable new features. It is available 24 hours use when It is suffering high traffic. It will be used for professional use.


In conclusion, OpenAI ChatGPT introduction of a paid service is a significant development for businesses and organizations looking to leverage advanced language models. For a wide range of applications, ChatGPT offers human-like text that can be customized to suit specific needs.

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