Is the OpenAI ChatGPT Professional Plan expensive?

Is the OpenAI ChatGPT Professional Plan expensive?

OpenAI has released a paid version of ChatGPT that is more accurate professional and reliable for a Fee of 42 dollars per month this fee is comparatively higher than what most entertainment-based subscriptions charge per month and it is also higher than the free-to-use Google Chrome search.

A few months ago, OpenAI developed ChatGPT and it has been a sensation since then. People are calling it revolutionary, and it is indeed very convenient for the masses. Because of this, its use has been on the rise. The internet is one of the fastest-growing applications or tools. this is why everyone is trying to have a part in it to have a piece. Recently Microsoft has heavily invested in this model. Other companies are also coming forward and this is why the chatGPT developers are now planning to charge money for using ChatGPT.

Understand the Benefits of the ChatGPT Professional Plan

OpenAI ChatGPT professional plan includes advanced features such as deep learning, natural language processing, real-time translation, auto-moderation, and spam detection. According to a waitlist posted on OpenAI’s Discord server, the professional version will be “always available (no blackout windows),” offer “fast responses (i.e. no throttling),” and provide “as many messages as you need (at least 2X regular daily limit).”

Although some people might hesitate to purchase the pro version, its advantages easily outweigh its price.

ChatGPT Pro features
ChatGPT Pro features

Capabilities of ChatGPT

A Tesla engineer recently asked chatGPT if he had done much for Tesla in the past week or so. In addition to telling Hans what he would have done if he were an engineer at Twitter, the boat must also provide him with the executable programming code for each of those 10 tasks. Aside from listing 10 very productive things, Chat GPT also wrote an accurate code to go along with them. 

The renowned speaker Jordan Peterson has written a book titled 12 rules of life. He asked me to write him the 13th rule in the King James Bible style, which was a very difficult task only a very well-read author can write that accurately but chat GPT took 3 seconds to wrap it up. This shows how accurate chatGPT is and how it has set the bar high for convenient internet tools and bots.

Best ChatGPT Alternatives tools

ChatGPT is expensive to use so most people could not use it. But don’t worry we recommend the Best ChatGPT alternative tool Like Writersonic and which you can use today.

1. Writersonic:

Writersonic is an AI writing and Chatsonic Tool(just like ChatGPT) backed by a Y combinator is the best alternative tool. With Chatsonic, you will have a conversational AI chatbot that provides the latest information on events and topics happening at that moment. This tool can provide a free trial.

In comparison to ChatGPT, the unique benefits of ChatSonic are:

  • Google search is integrated for the latest information.
  • Image generation using artificial intelligence.
  • Using voice commands instead of typing.
  • Can quickly answer follow-up questions based on previous questions or comments in your conversation.
  • Siri or Google Assistant-like text-to-speech.
  • Make a response or conversation that you want to share with your family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Create a specific personality for ChatSonic, such as a teacher, fitness trainer, etc.


You chat which was founded by Bryan McCann and Richard Socheris a free-to-use chatbot that is integrated into the search engine and offers a better user interface.OpenAI playground which is not as popular as ChatGPT also offers not just similar but better features than ChatGPT.The benefits of using is:

  • better user interface.
  • faster, since a lot of people still don’t know about it and have a lesser load to carry.
  • completely free.
  • More powerful.
  • more human-like experience is offered while chatting.
  • settings and options that allow users to optimize the software according to their needs.
You chat

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