Importance of time management

How to Set and Achieve Goals with Time Management

Time management refers to controlling and managing your time in an efficient way to obtain maximum output. In a corporate lifestyle, time management is a key skill that enhances your workflow and makes your transition to a higher level in smooth way. Time management always comes in handy because time is today’s currency. Everyone can deliver and solve problems in today’s time since all solutions are available so easily, the factor that counts is the time taken to complete the task.

4 Time Management Habits to Implement Now

1. Most people generally use the phrase “I don’t have time to do this “, and “ I can’t find the time to do that”, these two phrases are absolutely false, the reason for not doing something was not because you didn’t get the time to do so, it is because you prioritize something else since we are the one incharge of our time we should not take our time for granted and prioritize the right tasks in order to enhance productivity because the tasks prioritized would always find their way in your schedule.


When we get to a point in our lives that we start getting overwhelming opportunities or offers where we have to decide what to do, at that point, it is best to say no to some things and agree on others we again prioritize,  trying to carry all the eggs in a single basket would make the basket too heavy to levy around.

Polite ways to say no ; 

Sadly, I have something else going on.

I have another commitment.

I wish I were able to.

3. Planning your day

Planning your day really enhances your productivity, most people recommend several fancy techniques for upgrading your daily time management but I’d recommend only two basic things.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Under this technique, you have to figure out in advance what you want to do absolutely, what is the most important task that you have to do, “a must-have”.Determine it and work on getting that done because prioritizing this and ignoring other less important tasks improve the chance of that thing being done or at least progressing till the end of the day.

To-do list: A to-do list is a list comprising all the tasks that aren’t the main priority of the day but are still important. Having a list like that will help you keep track of all of your major activities and help you to get them done whenever you get a chance, having the major tasks on a hard form always increases the chance of those tasks performed and prioritized by you.

4. Stop worrying and start doing

A lot of people believe in designing and following productivity and time management systems for themselves and in this process they spend more time designing the system instead of actually doing any of it this leads to the ultimate wastage of time and destroys the whole point of getting a productivity system

Consider the example of the Linux operating system

In the open-source operating system Linux, which “would rank every single one of its tasks in order of importance, and sometimes spent more time ranking tasks than doing them. 

Therefore don’t overcomplicate things when they don’t need to be, the best hack is to spend just 5-10 minutes of the day when you involve yourself in planning or managing the day.


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