GTE Technology: Is GTE technology legit or a scam

Is gte technology legit

Jeff Brown,  an incredibly successful financial analyst and writer came up with the term GTE technology(Global token exchange), endorsing it as a massive innovation that aims to tokenize everything including real estate, patents, copyrights, digital assets, etc., and claiming it would have a market of 1.2 quadrillion dollars!! However, he continually fails to explain the following ideas.

Is GTE a technology or a company?

The term GTE(Global token exchange) was introduced or should I say hyped by a financial expert by the name of jeff brown, on the web you’d find several definitions around this term but none of these make it clear that if the latter is a company or a technology or a token, creating a massive confusion for newbies and even seasoned investors. 

In reality, for now, GTE technology is just a concept given by jeff brown, which would enable the general public to exchange real-world and digital assets with the help of tokens – sounds familiar?


The way is GTE’s plan different from the already well-liked and widely used NTFS technology if it aims to tokenize real-world and digital assets that have value in the digital world and provide proof of ownership? NFTs currently only represent gaming tokens and artwork, but GTE plans to use them to represent real-world and digital objects, properties, and other ownerships.

The truth is that what jeff brown described is not just similar but the same as NFTs, although both NFTs and GTE are only aiming to provide this future ownerships solution GTE currently has “zero” implementation, and according to a popular critique, jeff brown is just using a new term for already popular NFTs and this is where it starts to get shady.


GTE technology – as described by jeff brown is going to be a quadrillion-dollar innovation, and is currently not investable, reason: “it doesn’t exist “, you’d notice jeff brown repeating the phrase you can invest in the technology with just 25 dollars but never specifies where to support, what portal in accepting these 25 dollars, and although he did not declare that it is just a concept for now and kept his readers tangled in a misconception that its implementation has already started, he implies this statement by giving us a fixed estimate of 25 dollars that can be invested in this technology.

On the web, you might find several portals now where you can sign up and give your money but all of them are legit scams, cryptocurrencies, and NFT projects are already capable of tokenizing everything – the fundamental concept of GTE then why is jeff brown introducing a vague and non-existent terminology to his readers?

Jeff brown’s handbook

Jeff Brown in his recent presentation was asked by the interviewer how can all the people out there get a hold of this groundbreaking technology and become early investors in this ambitious project, after hyping the GTE technology on all of his forums, Jeff Brown finally came to the point where he endorsed his handbook named “your no.1 easiest way to profit from the $2.1 quadrillion world IPO day

This pretty much sums up what was jeff brown trying to sell from the beginning, it was his own report/handbook where he claims to provide “ all the steps in simple and easy to read details and requires absolutely zero financial knowledge to get started”, he says he’d provide us with the ticker, names, portals of how to invest in this GTE technology which is practically non-existent for now.

world IPO day and Jeff Brown
world IPO day and Jeff Brown


  1. To explain the success of GTE technology, jeff brown gives the example of theta – a cryptocurrency that is already listed on major crypto exchanges and in no way states that it is affiliated with GTE technology, it is a cryptocurrency and a trendy one! He also gave the example of AAVE – another major cryptocurrency with a massive market cap.

What Jeff is doing is to slide achievements and utilities of crypto and NFT projects under the GTE technology belt.

2. Throughout his interview, jeff brown continues to misquote major news networks and credible financial analysts. He does this by replacing statements about blockchain and crypto by major players with GTE and world IPO, and it’s all fine salesmanship, he knows GTE TECHNOLOGY introduced by him is a cryptocurrency and NFT technology which are built on a blockchain with a new name.

After world IPO day

After world IPO day

Several blockchain technologies have endorsed these tokenization and fractional ownership ideas and innovation and cryptocurrencies have come the closest to it, Jeff Brown repeatedly uses a new word ‘GTE’ for a fairly old concept. According to Forbes:

Visa vs Global token Exchange

  • JEFF claims that the GTE technology would be able to handle way more transactions than visa / MasterCard etc. however fails to explain how did he estimate this number about a technology that only exists in his mind, even on blockchain fastest transactions are BTC with 7 transactions per second and Ethereum with 20 transactions per second.
  • He says that Goldman Sachs backed a company investing 400 million dollars in GTE, whereas the company that invested this money was just another VentureCapital investing in one-off thousands of blockchain projects – that too a cryptocurrency.
  • Jeff Brown says that JP Morgan has dedicated a department to GTE research – while it is again just blockchain and crypto research and not just that, you cannot find the keyword “GTE or WORLD IPO day” on the entire JP morgan website.
Business insider about Goldman Sachs-backed tech company
Business insider article on Goldman Sachs-backed tech company

How does jeff brown pull this off?

Jeff brown every once in a while endorsing GTE and world IPO day comes back to blockchain, blockchain’s potential, its adoption, etc so that he sounds correct, he cunningly intermingles the two so that a listener with little or no knowledge falls for his trap. He constantly enhances his credibility by showing off his recent stock predictions that went well but continues to lie about a technological shift to selling his handbook bluntly and he is not wrong! A paradigm shift is taking place and it indeed is built around blockchain but that’s just crypto and not his GTE TECHNOLOGY 

While all of the points we mentioned above are our opinion it is important to consider that Jeff is indeed a very successful analyst and has proved it time and again however he is just trying to make a quick buck on this one by selling his handbook with the cover of GTE technology and content around cryptocurrency.

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