Fact-Checking Policy

At Wisteed, we are committed to providing our readers with accurate, fact-based content they can rely on. Maintaining high standards of factual integrity is a core value that shapes our editorial process. 

To uphold the principles of truth and accuracy, Wisteed adheres to the following fact-checking practices:

  1. Extensive research from reputable sources. All key facts, statistics, and assertions made in our articles are verified across a minimum of 3 authoritative sources. These include academic studies, government data, expert analysis from established entities, investigative journalism from respected outlets, and original interviews where applicable.
  2. Citation of all key sources. Any external data points, quotes, or information included in our content is properly attributed to the originating source by way of in-text citations and links back to references where possible.
  3. Before publication, articles are reviewed when warranted to scrutinize information accuracy.
  4. Transparency around corrections. If any factual error or inaccuracy is identified post-publication, we promptly issue highly visible corrections and clarify the information.
  5. Faithfulness to academic principles. Our commitment to factually accurate content is paramount. No facts are distorted or misrepresented to sensationalize content. Adherence to sound academic and journalistic principles is the core.

Our dedicated fact-checking process aims to uphold the highest standards of factual accuracy so our readership can trust that the information we provide is truthful, well-researched, and verified. By implementing robust verification steps, citing sources, and correcting errors, we strive to consistently produce content based on factual reality.

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